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Kwiksy International Student Soccer League 2018 - What an amazing experience!

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The Kwiksy International Student Soccer League 2018 has been a great experience for international students in Perth. 

First of all, it  provided a different and fun activity for students who have come from another country and were used to playing with their friends back home. It has been a great opportunity to break the school/work routine and be active, whilst sticking to commitments and accomplishing goals; that is why Language Links has been a proud sponsor of this great initiative and invited all of LL's students to participate to this amazing experience. 

Moreover, soccer is a popular sport played all over the world. While students usually cheer for their home countries' teams in the most renowned Soccer competitions, this has been a great chance to bring together different nationalities under the same School team. It has created more opportunities not only to interact in English between teammates with different backgrounds, in and outside of the field,  but also establish a strong sense of solidarity amongst them. 

Finally, as the Soccer League has been played between 12 different teams, it gave the players the chance to meet international students from other Educational Institutions, in addition to forming a bond with their schoolmates outside of classes.

The teams have been competing for the following prizes: a partial scholarship of 30 per cent, up to the value of $7,000, a trophy and individual medals.

Language Links is so proud of its Language Links Soccer Team as it got to 4th place! 

And don't worry, if you are up for a game, a Volleyball Tournament is starting soon!