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What To Do When You're Homesick

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Most people go through a rough time when moving to a different country and the thing you will probably miss the most are family and friends. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming so here are some tips on how to overcome this feeling and get the best out of your student experience abroad.

Social events

Go to as many social events as possible and don’t be afraid to start a conversation with new people. A good starting point would be joining our weekly social activities. You’ll be able to meet international students every week who will most likely be in your same situation and happy to make new friends. Even though you might tend to bond more with same nationality people, don’t forget that this is your chance to mix and get to know cultures that you were not familiar with before. It will also improve your English speaking skills to a great extent!

Moreover, these kind of friendships last many years and they will give you an opportunity to travel the world and visit your friends’ home countries!
However, there are plenty of activities organized around the city so make sure to check your events page on your social media to find out what’s going on in your area.


Joining a sport club, a book club, a cooking class or any group you might share a hobby with, is a great idea.
It is easier to bond with someone who is passionate about the same interests and you can always organize meetings to practice whatever connected you in the first place.

Photo by Delphine Ducaruge on Unsplash 

Dinner Parties 

Host your own international dinner party and cook comfort food from your family recipe book. Invite your classmates and workmates and let them know that you are happy for them to bring their friends and taste a typical dish from your home country! In this way not only will you meet new people but you will also have a taste of  international cuisines as well as being reminded of yours!

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Keep in touch 

Keep in touch with your family and friends back home. We are so lucky to have them just one-click away from us so arm yourselves with plenty of apps, a good internet  connection and pictures to share of your adventures Downunder!

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Language Links Family

And remember, since you are now part of the LANGUAGE LINKS FAMILY you will always have a home away from home here in Roe Street