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Why Should You Study English? Here are 5 Reasons why...

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English is sometimes described as the “language of opportunity.” It can open doors where there weren’t any before and give you opportunities you’ve never dreamt of. Learning how to take advantage of this skill can give you lifelong superpowers when dealing with problems and kick-start your life of success. Here are 5 reasons why when compared to all other languages, English is the most important:


1. English is No. 1

Although it comes second to Mandarin in the total number of speakers, English is the world’s most commonly spoken tongue, with 60 out of the 196 countries recognising it as their official language. Have you ever been lost in a foreign country? Well… English could help you out.

Whether you’re trying to find your way back to your hotel or trying to interact with the local people without knowing their language, English can help solve your problem. Approximately 1 in 5 people can speak English to some extent, meaning you have less to worry about on your next trip away from home.

 2. Job Opportunities Galore

Learning any second language shows intelligence, and reflects the determination and commitment needed to master another language. But while being bilingual is impressive no matter what blend of languages you speak, adding English to your resume will be especially useful. Many large companies require a basic knowledge and understanding of English from their employees. Some even require that while at work, employees only speak English. English is clearly the language of business, and once you learn it, the language works for you!

Imagine that a Brazilian businessperson who speaks Portuguese and English (ESL) needs to communicate with a person from a company in Taiwan, who speaks Mandarin and English (ESL). Even though neither share a first language, and are on opposite sides of the globe, because of their knowledge of English, they can do business together.

Being able to speak English means that you’ll be in the position to attend/ hold international business meetings, help any English speaking customers, and providing translations for marketing materials among other things.

3. Better Education

English gives you access to some of the world’s best universities. Out of the top 100 universities from QS for 2018, 59 are English speaking colleges, meaning the best education you can get out there can only be accessed if you know a bit of English. Having a degree from a top university can set you up for life, make finding the work you love easier, and gives you a deep understanding about what you’re passionate about.

4. POP-Culture

The world’s highest grossing movies are made in Hollywood, and by default, are all made in English. Can you count how many times you’ve been frustrated with trying to keep up with subtitles, or have not been able to sing along to your favourite pop song? If you learned how to speak English, this problem would go away and you can appreciate your favourites more easily.

5. Global Friendships

As said in the first point, 1 in 5 people speak English to a certain degree, and 60 out of 196 countries recognise it as their official language. This means that you can make friends from any part of the Earth. Having International friends can really open your cultural perspective and teach you things you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. 

And speaking of new people, this means that learning English can really broaden your dating pool. Imagine meeting your soul mate through the magic tool of language.




So what are you waiting for? Study English today with Language Links and accelerate the learning experience so that you can reap the benefits sooner.



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