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English Teacher Development Courses

Language Links offers a TESOL-style course that focuses on teacher training for non-native English speakers.

Certificate III in English Proficiency (ETDC/TESOL) - ESL

As part of our Certificate III in English Proficiency-ESL, students may select the ETDC/TESOL customised stream to specifically focus on teacher training skills and teaching English to clients from non-English speaking  backgrounds. 

This is an intensive 6 week course designed to provide excellent opportunities for:

  • Non-native teachers of English wishing to improve their language proficiency.
  • Non-native English Teacher Trainees wishing to extend their knowledge and understanding of the industry, in an English-speaking environment.
  • Students who are considering teaching for employment purposes in their native country, but would like to experience the role of a teacher prior to investing in a formal teaching qualification.
  • Students wishing to improve their English proficiency in order to complete a formal teaching qualification.

On successful completion of the course, students will receive a nationally recognised qualification (under the umbrella of our Certificate III in English Proficiency-ESL - with a customised TESOL Unit) and a detailed report of all learning outcomes achieved. A one-week work experience option as a teacher’s assistant, in a local West Australian pre-primary/ primary school, is offered to each trainee on completion of their course.

Entry Requirements: IELTS 6.0 / FCE pass / RPL or LL entrance test score
*Note: There are specific English entry requirements for this stream due to the reduced course duration and the specific focus on teacher training skills (not just English proficiency improvement), students must therefore demonstrate the English proficiency to cope with and complete the course in this time frame. Students not meeting the English requirement can apply for General English prior to entering this course.


Certificate IV in TESOL - Not currently available.



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