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“When I arrived in Perth I fell in love with the city, the beaches and parks are so amazing. It is such a safe place to live and Australians are very welcoming and friendly.

At school, I was able to meet people from all over the world and learned about different cultures.

Language Links provides a very friendly atmosphere and this experience has been the most amazing of my life"

Melissa Costa, Brazil

Testimonial 1



"Perth is a very nice city to enjoy your holidays, It has nice beaches for relaxing or surfing.

The college is located in Northbridge in the city of Perth so you are close to clubs, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.

Language Links is a nice school with people from many different countries, it has a variety of classes for each level and teachers are very nice and classes are interesting and fun!..and don't forget the friendly Student Services Staff" 

Fabian Bernhard, Switzerland