Study Timetables

English Language Course Study Timetables

These timetables are samples only – Teachers will display the weekly delivery planner in your classroom.

All classes will cover Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking plus Use of English (Grammar & Vocabulary). All full-time courses have a minimum of 20 hours contact time per week as a standard requirement, free additional English masterclass sessions, self-study and social activities are available weekly also as additional support for students.  Part-time options are on offer but are not available to students holding a Student Visa. 

Day – Monday to Friday

– Full-time (20 hours per week): 9:00am – 1:45pm (Monday to Thursday) + 9:00am – 12:20pm (Friday)


Day – Monday to Wednesday – 3 days per week (EIAP course Only).

– Full-time (20 hours per week): 9:00am – 4:30pm (Monday to Wednesday)  EIAP option only

Note: Strong Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels only (Students not meeting the level requirement may be transferred to the Day/Evening class until the level is reached). 


Evening – Monday to Thursday

– Full-time (20 hours per week): 4:30pm – 9:45pm (Monday to Thursday) 


Please download a copy of our Flexible Study Timetable with further details on required contact hours.