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Learn English in Perth, Australia

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is the perfect place to study English in Australia. It is a modern and vibrant city, which offers a safe and unpolluted study environment for students. Perth is very welcoming to International Students offering the most diverse student nationality mix in Australia! Some of the other great reasons to study English in Perth include:

  • Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia
  • Perth offers a 40% discount on public transport to international students to make transport easy and affordable
  • Perth is located in Australia’s largest and most unique State – Western Australia
  • Perth is ranked 7th in the most livable cities in the world!

Come and study at Language Links, your English School in Perth!

Student Life

View some of the great reasons our students love studying English at Language Links, Australia!


  • There are many reasons to study at Language Links. Apart from the location which is accessible by public transportation, supermarkets, shopping malls and many others, Language Links gives the training you need and assistance to cope the learning process. My teacher Willis is a competent lecturer. He knows what he does and very much knowledgeable of the subject he is teaching. His way of teaching encourages us to excel and pushes to our limits and his class is quite interactive. In general and as a whole, Language Links has sense of family, from the huge smiles that greet you at the reception, student supports whenever you need it. The warm and friendly environment makes the place conducive to learning. I took a 10-week Class in English for IELTS & Academic Purposes (EIAP) and I had an amazing experience. Well, I am coming back to take the Academies Project Management program. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and had worked in a corporate world in the field of hospitality and customer service for 7 years and I believe that the training I will undergo in an international setting and multicultural environment will help me build my future and start out perhaps a new business soon after I finish this program. A dedication and passion of what you do plus an excellent training from reputable school are necessary to realize this dream and I have no doubt that I can achieve it with Language Links and Academies.

    Niel, Philippines
  • I studied Cambridge at LLI and I was able to improve my English faster and better. I was lucky to have Martin as a teacher, he is well prepared and always makes sure everyone understands the concepts. If you are looking for a more specific course, I would highly recommend you study Cambridge at Language Links. Thanks for making me feel part of this big family.

    Giacomo, Italy
  • Grammar does not define one’ s intelligence.However it is very important in most areas of our lives. It is as equally important as solving mathematical equations, statistics, and taking other social sciences subjects such as economics, sociology, accounting and finance. Without proper and correct use of English grammar, all fields of education and academic discipline will collapse.

    I too, has a flawed grammar but I am trying everyday to improve and do better.

    Education is expensive but the best investment one can ever have.

    You too can!

    Niel, Philippines
  • Great course, great teacher!! She is friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. She knows exactly what to do for students to learn, improve their English skills quickly, and get the scores they need for academic and migration purposes. Sharon is highly recommended.

    Best English course I’ve done, and the best English teacher I’ve met. Thank you.

    Danilo, Colombia
  • The best experience I ever had was studying at Language Links. Not only did I learn English skill there but also made some amazing friends from different countries. The school offers many activities to explore Perth which is my favorite city in the world. The memories will last forever and I hope to return soon to continue with my studies.

    Vera, Taiwan
  • When I returned to Australia, after six years of not using English on a regular basis, I
    was looking for a challenging English course which would help me to reinforce what I
    already knew and develop my skills. With this in mind, I couldn’t have made a better
    choice than the Cambridge English Exam Course at Language Links.

    Even though the course is designed to prepare you for the Cambridge Exam, its benefits are much greater than that. Because the exam consists of five parts, such as: Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Use of English, all of these abilities will be improved during the Course, which means this is a magnificent way to enhance this
    language in a thorough way.

    Six years ago, I had the opportunity of being taught by a wonderful teacher -Willis- at
    Language Links. This time my expectations were exceeded by our devoted and
    marvellous teacher, Martin, who patiently goes through all the difficult areas and
    approaches his students according to our individual needs. The classroom -either
    virtual or physical- feels wholesome in every lesson.

    The learning process has been extremely satisfying. Not only have I seen myself
    improve, but I have also taken part in the learning process of my classmates, which I
    believe is the most gratifying part of all. This course has given me the chance to share
    my strengths with others, leading me to learn even more.
    With the program coming to an end, I know I will definitely miss it. So, if you are
    looking for a demanding, rewarding and highly worthwhile course, you have come to
    the perfect place!

    Claudia, Colombia
  • I studied at Language Links for 10 weeks and I loved every moment there. I learned a lot about language, the Australian lifestyle, and other cultures from all over the world. I always felt, and still feel, at home with all my school mates and everyone working there. A special thanks goes to Robi, the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life. Thanks to all of you, now I feel more self-confident with the language, and I know that I can always come back home to you.

    Martina, Italy
  • I had a great experience studying at Language Links. Not only did I learn a lot in English, but I’ve also met amazing people! I’ve made friends and had some fun times with them. The activities also made the school more fun and exciting. A huge thanks to my teachers Robi and Jane for helping me throughout my study as they had guided me and made me more confident with my English. I can’t thank you enough.
     It was such an amazing experience and I’ll surely recommend this school to the people I know, who would like to improve their English. Thank you Languge Links, and more power!

    Lovelyn, Philippines
  • I had an amazing experience at Language Links, I improved my English and I reached a very good result at the IELTS test. That’s why I absolutely want to thanks my great teachers, Dorota and Steve, who have always been friendly and supportive.Even if now I’m leaving Perth I have amazing memories and I’m already looking forward to come back here!

    Alice. Italy
  • At Language Links I have met many affectionate friends, helpful receptionists and hard-working teachers. Apart from learning English, we were also mentored about life by Willis, who is an amazing person and teacher and whom I see as a father. Additionally, I have never met a teacher like Robi.  He is one of my best friends and an unbelievable teacher. I can give many examples about other teachers and team members of the college.

    This experience combined with Perth’s astonishing atmosphere and environment was unforgettable. After my English course at LLI, I started studying at Academies Australasia.  This experience has also been great so far. I’m gaining knowledge and learning different skills which have vital importance in my life. Thank you LLI and AAI.  I hope to come back to Perth soon!

    Onur, Turkey
  • I have been missing Language Links. It was just one month to study there, but the month was amazing. On my first day to come to Language Links, I was nervous because I didn’t know anything and anyone in the school. In spite of that, the reason why I have missed Language Links is that there are many wonderful teachers and students!
    The teachers are intelligent and so kind. One of my teachers took us an excursion one day! The students are studious and so friendly. I made many friends who have hung out with me! If I hadn’t chosen Language Links, I couldn’t have such a great time. The experiences here are invaluable. Thank you for everything!

    Hitoshi, Japan
  • One of the best choices I’ve done was to come at language links! I’m an intermediate student from Italy, and in this school I met a lots of friends. The teachers here are amazing, I had two fantastic teachers, always available for any kind of questions. You can give them your own material, for example if you want write something, or ask something, feel free to do it.

    The staff is super friendly, young, smiling, and they have always time to help you if you needed it. We had a nice barbie as activity in kings park last month,and that experience was amazing. Also The school is located in a central position so you can catch the bus and the train easily.

    It was more a family than a school. Thank you guys

    Davide, Italy
  • Perth is a very nice city to enjoy your holidays, It has nice beaches for relaxing or surfing.
    The college is located in Northbridge in the city of Perth so you are close to clubs, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc…

    Fabian, Switzerland
  • It’s awesome to see my progress at Language Links. This college have given me great moments and they’ve also helped me with everything I’ve needed to improve. I’ve made good and funny friends in class and along the activities which are really interesting. I hope to come back at any time to relive this experience.

    Mateo, Colombia
  • I had an amazing experience at Language Links. Even though I studied there just for a month,
    I had the opportunity to increase significantly my English skills, because I met nice classmates from all parts of the world and Sharon, the greatest teacher I could desire, that always corrected my bad Italian pronunciation.
    I highly recommend the school to every student who wants to improve their English level and at the same time enjoy the experience.

    Riccardo, Italy
  • I came to Australia for the first time and had various experiences. Language Links has many activities and events, such as bouldering and international lunches, which have made my friends worthwhile. I also enjoy traveling to various places with my friends and participating in meetup. I could learn more than English at Language Links. It is the culture and values of other countries. There were a lot of troubles among them, but I think it was a very good experience for me. From now on, I’m going to volunteer for teaching Japanese to Perth high school students and do an internship at a hotel.

    Yuki, Japan
  • My name is Enrica and I came to Perth to improve my English. Among the various schools I decided to attend Language Links. Last Friday I finished my course of study and I’m more than satisfied. The teachers and the receptionist girls are very good and very kind, my classmates are fantastic and also the books provided by the school are simple and excellent for learning English.

    Although I also found myself in the online class period, I’m still happy because the platform will allow you to take lessons without any problems I hope to come back in Perth one day and to be able to take your courses again. Nice to meet everyone!

    Enrica, Italy
  • It is very interesting and I have learned a lot. I met a lot of new friends and we have so much fun at Language Links

    Leonide, Switzerland
  • When I arrived in Perth I fell in love with the city, the beaches and parks are so amazing. It is such a safe place to live and Australians are very welcoming and friendly. At school, I was able to meet people from all over the world and learned about different cultures.

    Language Links provides a very friendly atmosphere and this experience has been the most amazing of my life

    Melissa, Brazil
  • My name is Francesco, I’ m from Italy and I have studied 6 months at LLI. I would like to say thank you so much for everything, I improved my English and I enjoyed  every moment. Yurika and all staff members are very good and teachers are very professional.
    I’ll gladly come back in the future and I recommend everyone to choose this school. Thank you

    Francesco, Italy

Our campus location

Language Links is just a few minutes away from the central bus and train stations, the city entertainment area and Perth’s other famous sights.

Come a visit us at Level 1, 120 Roe Street – Northbridge.