Test Your English

English language proficiency test

Language Links is happy for students to complete our English Proficiency Test to check their current English level.

This test is only an interim measure of your English language ability. It will assist the college in creating a study plan to help you achieve your study goals!

Please note that this is a GENERAL ENGLISH Test ONLY.

If you would like to test your English level for our English for IELTS & Academic Purposes (EIAP) or Cambridge Exam Preparation courses, please book a Placement Test accordingly through our Placement Test Online Booking Form from our website: https://www.languagelinks.wa.edu.au/student-support/

Your level test is divided into three parts:

1 – Grammar = 35-40 Minutes
2 – Writing = 15-20 Minutes
3- Speaking = 5-10 Minutes 

Please note that you will be contacted with the Grammar results via email to arrange a Speaking Test.

One we have the results for the 3 sections of the test, our Academic Team will write a Recommendation Letter with a study plan for you to achieve your goals!

Conversion Table
Total Score Level CEFR Level
0-9 Beginner A1
10-15 Elementary A1+ to A2
16-35 Pre-intermediate A2 + to B1
36-55 Intermediate B1
56-75 Upper-intermediate B2
76-100 Advanced C1


Take the Level Test

Click the button below to take the Level Test. 

Disclaimer: the results of this online test are indicative only of approximate language level.  Students deciding to enrol with Language Links are required to attend a full placement test on their first day to confirm their level is appropriate for the course that the wish to enrol in.