The Cambridge Course Experience

When I returned to Australia, after six years of not using English on a regular basis, I was looking for a challenging English course which would help me to reinforce what I already knew and develop my skills. With this in mind, I couldn’t have made a better choice than the Cambridge English Exam Course at Language Links. 

Even  though  the  course  is  designed  to  prepare  you  for  the  Cambridge  Exam,  its  benefits are much greater than that. Because the exam consists of five parts, such as: Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Use of English, all of these abilities will be improved during the Course, which means this is a magnificent way to enhance this language in a thorough way. 

Six years ago, I had the opportunity of being taught by a wonderful teacher -Willis- at Language  Links.  This  time  my  expectations  were  exceeded  by  our  devoted  and  marvellous teacher, Martin, who patiently goes through all the difficult areas and approaches  his  students  according  to  our  individual  needs.  The  classroom  -either  virtual or physical- feels wholesome in every lesson. 

The  learning  process  has  been  extremely  satisfying.  Not  only  have  I  seen  myself  improve, but I have also taken part in the learning process of my classmates, which I believe is the most gratifying part of all. This course has given me the chance to share my strengths with others, leading me to learn even more. 

With  the  program  coming  to  an  end,  I  know  I  will  definitely  miss  it.  So,  if  you  are  looking for a demanding, rewarding and highly worthwhile course, you have come to the perfect place! 

Claudia – Student Experience – Cambridge First Exam Preparation Course (FCE)

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