Get ready for further studies in Australia

If you are preparing to study a Vocational or Higher Education course in Australia, you will need to improve your Academic English Skills, even if you already have a good understanding of the language.

An Academic English Course is designed to help you understand what is expected at Uni, use English in a variety of academic, social, cultural and personal circumstances, as well as build your confidence.

Language Links’ academic pathway program; English for IELTS and Academic Purposes (EIAP), will prepare you to meet the English entry requirement for Further/Higher Education Institutions and/or successfully prepare you for the IELTS examination. This course includes the macro skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in addition to skills in grammar, critical thinking, and learner independence/study skills.

If you successfully complete our EIAP course, you will NOT need to sit the IELTS test. You can use our English Certificate to get direct entry into Vocational Institutions and Universities (approved LLI partners).

This course is ideal for students wishing to:

  • Improve academic English skills to enter an Australian Tertiary/Higher Education institution.
  • Apply for permanent residence in Australia or Overseas in an English-speaking country.
  • Improve English proficiency to enhance career opportunities.
  • Improve formal English Language Skills for better written and oral expression.

Please click on the link below to experience one of our online sample EIAP class.

Do you want to see more? Check out the Extended version of the Sample Class.

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